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About Dr. med Alexander Faupel

Dr. Alexander Faupel, Kardiologe und Internist, am Empfang seiner Praxis.
Dr. med. Alexander Faupel, Facharzt für Kardiologie und Innere Medizin

Dr. med. Alexander Faupel is a specialist cardiologist and internist. He completed his internist and cardiologist training at the Traunstein Clinic, teaching hospital of the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich.
Dr. Faupel was Senior Cardiologist in the Bad Reichenhall regional hospital (clinic group South East Bavaria) from 2013 to 2015.

Dr. Alexander Faupel has many years of experience in cardiological diagnosis and treatment. During his time as Senior Physician he was involved in emergency room treatment as well as the heart catheter laboratory where he also carried out stent implantations. He was also responsible for the cardiac intensive care unit as well as normal care wards.

About Andrea Strujic, Doctor's Assistant

Frau Strujic worked as a Doctor's Assistant in some other practices in Munich and now assists Dr. Faupel since February 2015.