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Patient Information

Cardiological Treatment Spectrum

We offer you the latest cardiological diagnosis for the treatment of the following:

Fast diagnosis of (sharp) chest pains or breathing difficulties

If you are aware of chest pains or are having difficulties breathing, I highly recommend contacting the cardiology practice immediately for an examination in order to provide you with swift diagnosis.

Do not hesitate to contact us immediately should any of the above symptoms occur. Short-term appointments are available at all times.

High blood pressure

If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, I recommend a cardiac examination using echocardiography and arterial sonography. During an outpatient appointment, we can determine whether high blood pressure exists and whether medicative therapy should be undertaken.

Thanks to my many years of clinical experience, blood pressure stabilization is generally successful, even in more complicated cases.


Heart attack and stroke prevention

I highly recommend an annual cardiac examination in order to determine that there is no increased risk of heart attack or stroke.

Contact our practice for more detailed Information.

Cardio check up

If you require a cardiological examination to determine whether the risk of narrowing of the coronary arteries is present, please contact us at any time to arrange an appointment or use our online appointment form.

Diagnosis of suspected cardiac arrhythmia and outpatient electric cardioversion

In the event of short spells of unconsciousness (Syncope), a prompt cardiac examination should take place (ECG, ultrasound, long-term ECG) in order to determine whether Dysrhythmia or a heart valve defect was the cause.

Cardiological Check Up

In addition, necessary cardiological check ups can be carried out for patients following a heart attack. If symptoms such as chest pains or breathlessness appear, a prompt examination (ECG, cardiac ultrasound, ergometry) can discover whether cardiac disease is responsible.

Preparation for cardiac catheter examination (Coronarangiograhpy)

If suspected circulatory disorder in the coronary arteries is discovered as part of a cardiac examination in the practice Dr. Faupel, we are, thanks to our close contact to Munich’s leading cardiology centers, able to arrange an appointment for a cardiac catheter examination (Coronarangiograhpy) for you at short notice. Any necessary cardiological information and preparatory examinations can be carried out in the practice Dr. Faupel.

Blood samples and diagnosis can be carried out mornings and afternoons

Blood Samples can be taken mornings and afternoons in the practice Dr. Alexander Faupel. Detailed Lab Diagnostics can also be carried out. Test results of the lab results are generally available on the same day.